“Hey Google” Hotword Will Soon Work on Assistant on Phones Too

If you have a Google Home, you can say "Okay Google" or "Hey Google" to start using it. However, if you are using Assistant on your phone, only "Okay Google" works. This will soon change. This is slowly being rolled out to phones. I am not sure what the criteria is. According to this report [...]

Okay Google, Scare Me (Ask the Assistant)

Welcome back to the Ask The Assistant series. This is my collection of new and interesting things that you can ask Google Assistant your Google Home or your phone. This one is a Halloween special. Try asking Google Assistant this: Okay Google, scare me! You will notice that Google has some Halloween special easter eggs [...]

Ask The Assistant “”OK Google, What’s This Song?”

Google Assistant commands are an ever-growing list. Ask The Assistant is a new series that I am starting on this blog to bring you new voice commands. So, the next time you see "Ask The Assistant" on this blog, that will be a new Google Assistant command. Today's new voice command is "Ok Google, What's [...]

New York Times Offers Free Google Home With New Subscriptions [Update – Cancelled!]

I was expecting to see a lot of Google Home Mini offers from Google, similar to those generous Chromecast offers and freebies. The surprise however came from a third party. New York Times is now offering a free Google Home with new subscriptions. You can get a "free" Google Home with a $17 per month [...]

All The Home and Assistant News From The #madebygoogle Event!

When I started this blog with the intention of writing about Google Assistant, many of my friends asked me if I will have enough to write about. This post should answer that question for them. There are a bunch of Assistant stories that I want to write, mostly from the Pixel event, but I do [...]