How to Create Custom Replies & Jokes For Google Assistant

I have already shared a bunch of funny questions that you can ask Google Home. These are created by Google, and work on all Google Home devices. What if you want to create something exclusive for your Google Home device? There is a way to do that. Get ready for custom Google Assistant jokes! Repeat [...]

How to Use Google Assistant Subscriptions

I have been playing around with Google Assistant that comes with the Allo messenger for some time now. By far the most useful and interesting feature seems to be “Subscriptions”. What Are Google Assistant Subscriptions? Subscriptions are recurring actions that you can ask Assistant to perform on a daily basis, at  a specified time. For [...]

Google Gives White Background and Rounded Corners to Assistant

Google keeps the Assistant interface simple and clean. This week they made a subtle change to its design. It is still minimal and simple. However, the background is now white.  Plus you get rounded corners almost everywhere. With this change, Assistant joins the league of Google services that recently got similar updates. Mobile search results [...]

How to Identify Songs Using Google Assistant

Identifying songs was one of the most requested Google Assistant features. Recently, Google added this feature as a Pixel 2 phone exclusive. This feature is now available to all Google Assistant users. The Pixel 2 version of this feature runs in the background. It displays the current song that is playing in the background, on [...]

Google Showcases Assistant Experiments

Remember those Chrome experiments? They were a curated list of web experiments. Google is expanding these experiments, adding Assistant experiments. Google recently opened up the Google Assistant to developers and we are slowly seeing a number of voice experiments and "Actions" from third party developers. The new experiments websites will be a place worth bookmarking! [...]