Can’t send invitation – User account cannot share structures’ While Adding Users in Google Home

If you get the error "Can't send invitation - User account cannot share structures' there are two possible reasons. User has a G Suite Account Google Assistant is not supported on G Suite accounts yet. If you try to add a G Suite users to Google Home, you will get the "Cannot share structures" error. [...]

Voice Match Not Working? Try These

Here is a quick troubleshooting step to try if your Google Assistant Voice Match is not working. A single Google Home device can identify up to six people and respond to queries using information from their respective accounts. This feature is called "Voice Match". This helps identify the voices of multiple users from the same [...]

How to Create an Assistant Routine from the Google Clock App

I'm a big fan of Google Assistant Routines. It helps you automate some of the cool Assistant features and run them when you want them to. We have a tutorial on how to set up Assistant Routines, in case you haven't used this featured already. Last week Google added a super useful enhancement to this [...]

Google Assistant Shows Deleted Calendar Entries [Known Issue]

Many users are reporting that Google Assistant is showing deleted entries from their calendar when they ask it to show the agenda. Known Issue According to this forum thread, this is a known issue. Google is aware of this issue. However, there is no word on when this will be fixed. Clear cache for Google [...]

[Ask The Assistant] “Tell me something good”

A regional newspaper that I regularly follow had a section called "Good news". When they started a new channel, this section became a daily news bulletin featuring positive news from around the world. Positive initiatives like this have always been around. Now, Google wants to make it easier for everyone to get their daily dose [...]

[Ask The Assistant] “Remember Where I Parked” & “Where’s My Car”

Google Maps can remember where you parked your vehicle. It takes a couple of taps an touches. You will need to open Google Maps and save where you parked, manually. According to Google Maps Help Center, here is how you do it: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app. Tap the [...]

How to “Talk to Books” Using Google Assistant

Google Books has launched an AI-powered interactive tool where you can talk to books. This is different from searching for books and their content. This is all about conversation. Google says Talk to Books is different from traditional search. "Use this demo as a creativity tool to explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes [...]