Google Home Can Now Play YouTube TV For You

Google Home can now start and control playback on YouTube TV. If you have YouTube TV service, Google Home and a Chromecast,  you can use your voice to control the content from YouTube TV. From the Google blog post:

Once you’ve set up Google Home and Chromecast, open the Google Home app to link the two. After that, simply use your voice to control your YouTube TV experience. Just start with “Ok Google” to ask your Assistant to:

  • Play “This Is Us”

  • Play the MLB game

  • Play MSNBC

  • Play the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”

  • Play last week’s “NCIS”

  • Record “Empire”

  • Play, pause, stop, rewind 15 seconds, turn captions on, or fast forward two minutes

If you are a YouTube TV user, that’s one more way to start watching your TV, and also to control the playback or change channel while watching. Enjoy!


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