TicHome Mini Is a Google Assistant Speaker With Battery

Here is one more Google Assistant device from IFA 2017.  TicHome Mini is a small speaker made by Mobvoi. The unique feature that makes TicHome standout is battery. Why battery? What is unique in it? Well, this might be the first Google Assistant powered device (apart from your smartphone, of course!) which comes with a battery. […]

Sony Announces Smart Speakers With Google Assistant

During the last IO conference, Google made it clear that they want to put Assistant on all possible devices. It was one of the reasons why I considered starting a new blog dedicated to Assistant. IFA 2017 saw the first wave of such devices. LF-S50G Speakers Sony announced their latest smart speakers LF-S50G at IFA 2017. […]

Google Assistant Enters Beta Testing in South Korea

Looks like Google is set to beat Samsung by launching a Korean version before Samsung manages to put together an English version of their AI, Bixby. The Android Soul reports that Google is working with Google Local Guides (people who actively contribute to Maps) to test Google Assistant. I am unable to translate the content […]

You Can Now Pre-order Google Home In Canada

Google Home is crossing the borders from the USA and entering Canada. According to this official announcement, Google is currently accepting pre-orders for Google Home in Canada. Google Assistant In English and French Before crossing the borders, Google Assistant added French as one of the supported languages. According to this official Help Center article, Google […]

Caséta Wireless Now Supports Google Assistant

Connected lights from  Caséta Wireless now supports Google Assistant. As their official page puts it, your talking encyclopedia, personal DJ and 24/7 assistant is now a voice-activated light control for your entire home. Smart Bridge with HomeKit which enables control of lights, shades, and temperature with Lutron App can now take instructions via Google Assistant. Here […]

Win Up To $10,000 From Google For Making Assistant Actions

Google is not (always) interested in small products. They are chasing moonshots. They want to build platforms. They want Google Assistant also to be such a platform. They want it everywhere. They want it to be able to do all kind of actions for users. What do you need for that? More developer participation. More third party […]

Yes, Google Has A Plan To Make Money With The Assistant

Ever looked at the Google Assistant and wondered how is Google going to make money out of a thing like that? Here is your answer. They already have a plan for that. According to Google Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy, the Assistant will make money suggesting specific sales partners rather than inserting ads. […]

iPhone Users In India Will Get Google Assistant By June 2017

Google announced Assistant for iOS devices during Google I/O 2017 keynote. Indian users however did not get to try Assistant on their iPhones right away. However, this report from The Indian Express states that Assistant will be available by June 2017. If you are a Google fan from India, looking for the Assistant app in […]

Welcome To “Get Me Assistant”

Google Assistant is the AI powered virtual assistant that can answer questions and get things done.  The Assistant was announced at Google I/O in May 2016. Assistant initially launched as part of Google’s messaging app Allo, and its voice-activated speaker Google Home. The Assistant was also an exclusive feature on Google Pixel phones for some time.  In February […]