Google Home Finally Can Add and Manage Reminders For You

Google Home is finally getting the option to add reminders. I don’t have a Google Home yet, but I was under the impression that you could set reminders with it! Well, looks like I was wrong. The new feature first showed  up on a Google Help Center article, explaining how to add and manage reminders […]

Google Assistant “Explore” Section Gets a Search Bar

Search is Google’s forte. If it isn’t what is, right? Google Assistant in a way, is a search bot too. Now, Google has added a search option to the Explore section of the Assistant. Explore Tab Explore is a tab on the Settings page of Google Assistant. This is where you find additional services to […]

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

If you use Google Assistant and WhatsApp, here is some good news for you. These two services are integrated. You can use Google Assistant to send WhatsApp voice messages. It is easy and takes only a couple of voice commands. This article explains how to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant or Google Home. The […]

You Can Now Order from Walmart Using Google Home

Google Assistant is slowly catching up with Amazon’s Alexa. Here is the latest item in the growing list of Google Home features, you can now buy things from Walmart. This is really important to Google. Alexa comes with the integration with the giant Amazon inventory of almost everything. You can place Amazon orders using Alexa. […]

Google Assistants More Conversational Setup Screen

Google has updated the Assistant setup screen to match the nature of the product, conversational!. The new walkthrough replaces the old static welcome screen. Google calls this “the new way to talk to Google”. Instead of the old static page, the welcome screen now shows examples of Assistant’s features. You will see this screen while […]

Bose QuietComfort 35 II With Google Assistant Official

The much-leaked Bose headphones with Google Assistant built-in, QuietComfort 35 II, is finally official. This reminds me of Android Wear watches from the premium watch makers like TAG Heuer, adding a sprinkle of Google technology to their premium hardware. According to Bose: QC35 IIs have the Google Assistant built right into the headphones. That means you […]

“Plenty Of Fish” Brings Dating To Google Assistant

Google Assistant does not have as many as “skills” as Alexa yet, but the list is slowly growing. The latest addition is the dating service Plenty Of Fish. The dating service now supports Google Assistant and will be available on Google Home and phones. The voice integration allows users to ask the Google Assistant if […]

“Actions On Google” Launches In Australia

Actions on Google, the Developer side of Google Assistant, is now available in Australia. According to Google,  “starting today, developers and companies can build apps to engage with Aussies through Actions on Google, the developer platform for the Google Assistant. And as a user, you’ll be able to access more of your favourite services and content […]

Grocery Shopping App “Out of Milk” Adds Google Assistant Support

Out of Milk, a popular grocery shopping app, has added Google Assistant support. If you are an Out of Milk user, you can now create a shopping list just by speaking to your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone. Out of Milk is used to create a running grocery shopping list which can […]