Google Showcases Assistant Experiments

Remember those Chrome experiments? They were a curated list of web experiments. Google is expanding these experiments, adding Assistant experiments.

Google recently opened up the Google Assistant to developers and we are slowly seeing a number of voice experiments and “Actions” from third party developers. The new experiments websites will be a place worth bookmarking!

For now, the website has four featured experiments:

  • Mystery Animal: Figure out the mystery animal within 20 questions.
  • Story Speaker: Write your own story using Google Docs and make Google Assistant read it out for you.
  • MixLab: Create music mixes with your voice
  • Meme Buddy: Create memes using just your voice, pretty cool thing!

Here are some video demos:

We will keep track of new experiments on this website and share with you all whenever I find something interesting. So, stay subscribed!


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