Google Improves Google Home + Chromecast Integration

Google promised a bunch of Assistant and Google Home features during I/O 2017. Looks like the company is gradually bringing out those features. Here is the latest in this list. Google Home and Chromecast can now work together better.

This was reported by a Redditor. Later based on requests, he also posted a video of this in action:

As you can see, this is not perfect yet. The followup questions and commands did not work as expected. However, it is exciting to see where this is headed. I have previously used Google Home to pause playback, control volume etc on my Chromecast connected TV. I have also used it to play videos from YouTube. It works when you say specific commands like, “Play <song name> from YouTube on my TV.

Considering what we can already do, this is not a huge improvement. However, it is exciting to see Chromecast getting smarter with help from Assistant. It is like, getting more value out of the $35 that you paid for Chromecast!


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  1. Weird, that’s my living room! And my TV! And my voice! 🙂

    I’m baltinerdist from reddit. I’ve tried some other queries on this – sports scores, movie times, news headlines, and so far the only thing I’ve been able to cast is weather and YouTube videos. But it’s promising!

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