Google Improves Google Home + Chromecast Integration

Google promised a bunch of Assistant and Google Home features during I/O 2017. Looks like the company is gradually bringing out those features. Here is the latest in this list. Google Home and Chromecast can now work together better.

This was reported by a Redditor. Later based on requests, he also posted a video of this in action:

Video: Casting Assistant to Chromecast from Google Home from googlehome

As you can see, this is not perfect yet. The followup questions and commands did not work as expected. However, it is exciting to see where this is headed. I have previously used Google Home to pause playback, control volume etc on my Chromecast connected TV. I have also used it to play videos from YouTube. It works when you say specific commands like, “Play <song name> from YouTube on my TV.

Considering what we can already do, this is not a huge improvement. However, it is exciting to see Chromecast getting smarter with help from Assistant. It is like, getting more value out of the $35 that you paid for Chromecast!

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  • Avery W. Krouse December 6, 2017, 8:52 pm Link Reply

    Weird, that’s my living room! And my TV! And my voice! 🙂

    I’m baltinerdist from reddit. I’ve tried some other queries on this – sports scores, movie times, news headlines, and so far the only thing I’ve been able to cast is weather and YouTube videos. But it’s promising!

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