Google Gives White Background and Rounded Corners to Assistant

Google keeps the Assistant interface simple and clean. This week they made a subtle change to its design. It is still minimal and simple. However, the background is now white.  Plus you get rounded corners almost everywhere.

With this change, Assistant joins the league of Google services that recently got similar updates. Mobile search results are one such service that Google updated recently. This makes the Google Assistant design consistent with the design language of other Google products and services.

The background color for Assistant used to minimal and light, but not quite white. It was previously light grey. If you look at Google Assistant now, the interface is pure white. I am pretty sure you won’t miss the old color.

I cannot however say the same about rounded corners. They do look ok. However I am a fan of straight lines and squares. On that scale, I am not impressed with this change. However, this is 100% subjective. I am sure most of you wouldn’t mind those rounded corners which will remind you of your very smartphone screens. Here is how it looks like on my (new!) Pixelbook:

PS: Wan’t rounded corners patented by someone?


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