All The Home and Assistant News From The #madebygoogle Event!

When I started this blog with the intention of writing about Google Assistant, many of my friends asked me if I will have enough to write about. This post should answer that question for them. There are a bunch of Assistant stories that I want to write, mostly from the Pixel event, but I do not have enough time. I am combining all those items into one single post. So, let’s get started.

Google Pixel Buds

My personal favorite Google Assistant announcement from yesterday’s event is Pixel Buds. This is a new wireless earphones from Google with Assistant built in.

There earphones charge using USB Type C. That means you will not have to carry a separate charger around. One charge gives you five hours of usage according to Google. The box / case that comes with Pixel Buds can charge the Buds “multiple times”.

Playback controls are on the right ear piece. You can touch and hold the right ear piece to launch Google Assistant. It can read your emails and text messages, but the fanciest thing that it can do is translation. When someone speaks in a foreign language, and you can ask Assistant to translate it. You will hear the translated version in your ear. You can speak in your language, and your phone will translate it for the other person.

Google Pixel Buds costs $159. You can find more details here.

Google Home Mini

Another highlight from the event, Google Home Mini is a smaller Home device, for a small price. At $49, this could be the device that most of the first time users are going to pick up.

Here is a video ad:

The device looks really nice and is made with an innovative new fabric. Google Home Mini comes in three different colors; Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. Coral has been listed as “exclusive” on the Google Store.

Free Google Home Mini With Pixel 2 or Pixel XL 2 (Limited Time Period Offer)

For a limited time, Google will be giving away free Google Home Mini with the Pixel 2 or Pixel XL.

Spotify Support Is Coming To Google Assistant

Yes, you heard that correct. Google said that Spotify users, free and paid, will be able to use Google Home to play music and control playback.

Google Home Broadcast

“Broadcast” is a new Google Home feature announced at the October 4th event. Broadcast is the ability to send/broadcast a message across all Google Home devices around the house.

You can say, for example “Hey Google, broadcast “dinner is ready” and All the Google Home devices in your network will broadcast this message, in Assistant’s voice, not yours.

Google Home To Read Stories To Your Kids

Soon, Google Home will be able to read stories to your kids. Home will pick up stories from Disney and Sports Illustrated for Kids and the like. There will also be some basic games as well for kids. An example that was shown during the event was musical chair!

Google Home Can Now Find Your Phone For You (Even if it is in silent Mode)

Does your phone have the habit of hiding from you? Here is a new trick that Google Home has learned. You can ask Google Home to find your phone, and it will make the phone ring; even if the phone is in silent mode or do not disturb mode!

Very useful! Find more about this feature here.

Calls From Google Home Now Shows Your Own Phone Number

Google Home offers free calls across America and Canada. There was one catch though; it could only use a randomly-chosen number or your Google Voice/Project Fi number. This is changing. From now onwards, outgoing calls from your Google Home will show your personal phone number.

If You Have Nest Hello, Assistant Can Tell You Who’s At The Door

Nest Hello, along with Nest Cam IQ can detect faces. Google Assistant can do a cool thing with this. It can announce who is at the door, without you asking it. next Cam IQ identifies the person, and Assistant takes care of the rest!

Google Home is coming to Japan next week

If you are in Japan, this news should make you happy. Google Home will launch in Japan very soon. This was announced during the Made By Google hardware event.

Actions on Google now supports French, Korean, Japanese, and German

Support for more languages is always welcome, isn’t it?


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