Google Assistant Shows Deleted Calendar Entries [Known Issue]

Many users are reporting that Google Assistant is showing deleted entries from their calendar when they ask it to show the agenda. Known Issue According to this forum thread, this is a known issue. Google is aware of this issue. However, there is no word on when this will be fixed. Clear cache for Google […]

Try Asking Google Assistant to Spell Someone’s Last Name!

Ask Google assistant to spell someone’s last name. You would expect Google to spell it for you, correct? Well, looks like there is something tricky happening here. I tried asking Google to spell Harry Potter’s last name. Here is what I got: “Harry Potter’s last name is spelled harry potter’s last name.” Yes, Google Assistant […]

Google Improves Google Home + Chromecast Integration

Google promised a bunch of Assistant and Google Home features during I/O 2017. Looks like the company is gradually bringing out those features. Here is the latest in this list. Google Home and Chromecast can now work together better. This was reported by a Redditor. Later based on requests, he also posted a video of […]

Google Gives White Background and Rounded Corners to Assistant

Google keeps the Assistant interface simple and clean. This week they made a subtle change to its design. It is still minimal and simple. However, the background is now white.  Plus you get rounded corners almost everywhere. With this change, Assistant joins the league of Google services that recently got similar updates. Mobile search results […]

Google Showcases Assistant Experiments

Remember those Chrome experiments? They were a curated list of web experiments. Google is expanding these experiments, adding Assistant experiments. Google recently opened up the Google Assistant to developers and we are slowly seeing a number of voice experiments and “Actions” from third party developers. The new experiments websites will be a place worth bookmarking! […]

“Hey Google” Hotword Will Soon Work on Assistant on Phones Too

If you have a Google Home, you can say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” to start using it. However, if you are using Assistant on your phone, only “Okay Google” works. This will soon change. This is slowly being rolled out to phones. I am not sure what the criteria is. According to this report […]

All The Home and Assistant News From The #madebygoogle Event!

When I started this blog with the intention of writing about Google Assistant, many of my friends asked me if I will have enough to write about. This post should answer that question for them. There are a bunch of Assistant stories that I want to write, mostly from the Pixel event, but I do […]

Google Assistant to Get a New Male Voice “Jay”

Google has been working on adding additional voices to the Assistant. I use text to speech a lot to listen to articles and books on my phone. I occasionally switch to different voices, just for a change. Soon, Google Assistant also will provide this flexibility. According to 9to5Google, an upcoming version of the Google app […]

Logitech Harmony Hub Now Works With Google Assistant

Harmony Hub is a smart home device from Logitech. The company announced the other day that the Harmony Hub will now work with Google Assistant, along with Amazon’s Alexa. If you haven’t heard about Harmony Hub, here is the official lit: Harmony Hub turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, giving you control […]