How to Use Multiple Voice Commands At Once with Google Assistant

Typically, you give one command and wait for Google Assistant to finish it. You will give the second command after Google Home or Assistant finishes with the first command.  This is changing. You can now combine two commands together and give it at one go. Here is how to do it.

Google has pushed an update that allows Google Home to take more than one command at a time, remember them and perform one by one. You can say two commands in a single sentence. Google Home will identify two separate commands in your sentence and act accordingly.

Club Google Home Commands

Here are some examples:

  • Turn on the TV and give me the weather forecast
  • Give me the weather forecast and tell me what’s on my calendar

There are some catches here though. It currently works only on Google Assistant on your Google Home. For phones, you will still have to use one command at a time. Also, this is limited to two commands now. You cannot give three commands in one sentence.

We might soon see this feature rolling out to Google Assistant for phones as well. I do not think Google will release some official blog post or tweet when they roll out that update. All we can do is keep trying.

Speaking of “keep trying”, I always try asking Google Home for random things, trying to find out more funny questions and random things to ask it. I occasionally find some interesting questions. What about you?

Via Android Police.


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