How to Use Multiple Netflix Profiles with Google Home

Google Assistant now supports Netflix profiles. This means you can easily link your Netflix profile to your account and ensure that Home does not get confused between your content and your partner’s content.

Requires Voice Match

The multiple profile feature works only when you have Voice Match set up on your account. Voice Match is the Google Assistant feature that allows multiple users use Google Home devices and get answers tailored to them. Remember the Google I/O demo? With Voice Match enabled, you can say “Call Mom” and it will call your mom and not your wife’s mom. You can read more about this feature, including instructions on how to set it up, here.

Connect Your Netflix Profile to your Google Assistant Profile

Okay, now that you have Voice Match set up, here is how to connect your Google Assistant profile and your Netflix profile:

  1. Open Google Assistant settings and go to Videos and Photos.
  2. If you already have your Netflix account connected to your Google account, you should see Manage Profile.
  3. Click Manage Profile and confirm your profile.
  4. To change to a different profile, click Change Profile and pick the new profile.
  5. Click Confirm and you are done!

So, with that, you have Google Home and Netflix profiles connected and ready. Enjoy!


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