How to Use Google Lens Within Google Assistant

As promised, Google Lens is coming to Google Assistant. At present, Google Photos has built-in Lens feature. When this feature becomes part of Assistant, you will be able to use Lens on any object fast.

Google Lens is available within Google Photos. This version of the Lens limits you to using it with pictures on your phone. However, Google Assistant will open it up and make it available on the camera. This feature is currently being rolled out. There are reports of Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 users getting this to work.

How to Use Lens with Google Assistant

When this feature is turned on, you will see an icon on the bottom right corner of the Assistant screen. Touch this icon and a camera viewfinder screen opens. Tap anywhere within the screen to start. Lens will take a picture and start analyzing its contents. Based on the image, Lens / Assistant will now display various options. If you are scanning a business card, it will show you a Maps link to the address, a shortcut to email or call the business, based on the contact information etc.

Google Lens is already pretty smart. With machine learning, Lens will get better day by day, when more people use it to scan more and more things. You are likely to find a lot of bugs and incorrect scans in the early days.

If you find something interesting using Lens, do drop me a comment and I will feature it on the blog!

Via 9to5Google.

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