How to Use Google Assistant Subscriptions

I have been playing around with Google Assistant that comes with the Allo messenger for some time now. By far the most useful and interesting feature seems to be “Subscriptions”.

What Are Google Assistant Subscriptions?

Subscriptions are recurring actions that you can ask Assistant to perform on a daily basis, at  a specified time. For example, you can have Assistant send you weather reports or news on a particular topic every morning.

Here are some example subscriptions:

  • News
  • Weather
  • Random fact
  • Poem
  • Random joke

There could be a lot more subscriptions that are yet to be discovered. Drop me a comment if you find something new!

To find more about Subscriptions from Google Assistant, say “Help me with subscriptions”

How To Create A New Assistant Subscription

Use simple conversations to create subscriptions. For exmaple, to create a news subscription, say “news about US elections”. Look for “Send me daily” right after the results. Tap that and Assistant will ask you what time you want those news alerts. Pick a time and you are set.

Similarly, you can ask for “Random fact” or “Random joke” or even a “Poem” and make Assistant create a subscription for you.

How To Edit or Remove An Existing Assistant Subscription

First, ask the Assistant to show you your active subscriptions. Say “my active subscriptions”. Now tap on the subscription that you want to edit. Assistant will now ask you how you want to change the subscription.

You can change time or cancel the subscription from here. Or, you can just say “do not change anything” to cancel editing.

Try Subscriptions right away and let me know in comments if you find something interesting.


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