Teach Google Assistant Your Preferred Commute Mode (Drive / Bike / Public Transport)

How do you get around usually? Do you drive, bike or take public transport? Remember picking this each time you use Google Maps navigation? With Google Assistant, you might have just asked something like “navigate to KFC”. Assistant should ideally know your preferred commute mode and give you directions based on that.

Google is preparing Google Assistant to do just that.

This feature is currently being rolled out, so it might take a while before you see this under Preferences. For those who already have this, here is how to set your preferred commute mode:

  1. Open Google Assistant Settings
  2. Go to Preferences > Getting Around
  3. Pick your preferred commute mode for work, and the rest.

You will see lists here. You can set how you usually go to work, and also how you get around. The choices include walking, public transit, biking, and driving. You can have different settings for your commute and general directions.

After you set this up, Assistant will use your preferred commute mode to give you directions. Questions? Drop me a comment!

PS: This feature is currently being rolled out and like many other Google Assistant features, it will take a while to show up on all the supported devices. If you do not have this feature yet, check back later.

Via Android Police.


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