How to “Talk to Books” Using Google Assistant

Google Books has launched an AI-powered interactive tool where you can talk to books. This is different from searching for books and their content. This is all about conversation.

Google says Talk to Books is different from traditional search. “Use this demo as a creativity tool to explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes that respond to your queries.” You are encouraged to type whole sentences as you would while talking to a human.

Talk to Books is more of a creative tool than a way to find specific answers. In this experiment, we don’t take into account whether the book is authoritative or on-topic. The model just looks at how well each sentence pairs up with your query. Sometimes it finds responses that miss the mark or are taken completely out of context.

Even though this is an AI experiment, you cannot initiate Talk to Books from Google Assistant yet. You can play with Talk to Books here.

The page has some examples that you can get started with. Once you get the idea, try different sentences and questions. Try having a conversation with this bot. If you find something really interesting, do not forget to drop me a comment!


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