How To Take Screenshots Using Assistant

Phones, laptops and even watches, we have many ways to take screenshots from all these devices. While using Galaxy Note, the only thing that I used the stylus was to take screenshots. Now with Google Assistant, you can take screenshot with your voice! This article explains how to take screenshot using Google Assistant.

Wait, are you waiting for instructions? Just say the words, and Google Assistant will do it! Launch Google Assistant and say ” Take a screenshot” and you will see a screenshot taken. (This screenshot will not include the Google Assistant screen).

There is a catch though.

After taking the screenshot, Assistant will show a prompt to share the screenshot. If you skip this and decide not to share the image, or upload it to one of the services, like Google Photos, the screenshot will not be saved anywhere.

Compare this with the screenshot that you take using the power button and volume button. That image is instantly saved on your phone. You will see such screenshots in the Screenshots folder of your phone. I have set this folder to sync with Google Photos, so my screenshots are instantly uploaded to the cloud.

Screenshots from Google Assistant cannot do this. This is not a limitation of Google Assistant though. I remember the same experience with the Google Now On Tap screenshot that I used to take. Instead of voice command, long press on the home button used to take screenshots. These also will be lose if we do not share them or save them.

These limitations aside, this is a really easy method to take screenshots on your phone. Give this a try and let me know if you liked it!

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