How to Use Multiple Voice Commands At Once with Google Assistant

Typically, you give one command and wait for Google Assistant to finish it. You will give the second command after Google Home or Assistant finishes with the first command.  This is changing. You can now combine two commands together and give it at one go. Here is how to do it. Google has pushed an […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving With Google Assistant

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are some quick Turkey Day tips for Google Assistant and Google Home. Google Assistant As Your Turkey Timer Looking for some help timing that turkey in the oven? Google Assistant can help! Simply say, “Ok Google, set a turkey timer for 4 hours.” Google Assistant will start the timer for you. When […]

How to Create Custom Replies & Jokes For Google Assistant

I have already shared a bunch of funny questions that you can ask Google Home. These are created by Google, and work on all Google Home devices. What if you want to create something exclusive for your Google Home device? There is a way to do that. Get ready for custom Google Assistant jokes! Repeat […]

How to Use Google Assistant Subscriptions

I have been playing around with Google Assistant that comes with the Allo messenger for some time now. By far the most useful and interesting feature seems to be “Subscriptions”. What Are Google Assistant Subscriptions? Subscriptions are recurring actions that you can ask Assistant to perform on a daily basis, at  a specified time. For […]