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Make Google Home Play White Noise and Other Ambient Sounds

Google Home can be a good source of ambient sounds for your home. You can initiate this with simple voice commands and Google Home will play the sounds for an hour. If you are using white noise to fall asleep, this is perfect. If you are using it as a background while you work or […] Read more

How to Manage Purchases Using Google Home

Google recently added the ability to make purchases using the Assistant. This page is your guide to managing purchases via Google Home. Let’s dive in. Setting Up Payment and Delivery Address Before you can make a purchase using Google Home, you need to set up your payment method and delivery address. Here is how to […] Read more

How to Listen to Audiobooks Using Google Home

Google has added audiobooks to Google Play Store. Unsurprisingly, Google’s audiobooks come with Google Assistant support. This means you can ask your Google Assistant to read audiobooks to you. This post explains how to do this and also explains all the additional voice commands that you can use to control audiobook playback. Audiobooks Commands for […] Read more

How to Use Multiple Netflix Profiles with Google Home

Google Assistant now supports Netflix profiles. This means you can easily link your Netflix profile to your account and ensure that Home does not get confused between your content and your partner’s content. Requires Voice Match The multiple profile feature works only when you have Voice Match set up on your account. Voice Match is […] Read more

Can I Rename Google Assistant?

You cannot do this yet. Amazon calls its smart assistant “Alexa”. Microsoft calls theirs “Cortana”. Google, however, decided not to name the Assistant. You cannot call the Assistant anything other than Google. You launch the Assistant by calling it Google. Okay Google, Hey Google, or sometimes even Okay Boo Boo. Is “Holly” The Name? Looking […] Read more

Official Wall Mount for Google Home Mini

Google Home mini has a nice design that blends into any part of your home. I have had it on my bedside table, and next to my TV. It looked esthetically pleasing in both these locations. I, however, have considered a wall mounted Google Home Mini more than one occasion. When the new Lenovo made […] Read more

Teach Google Assistant Your Preferred Commute Mode (Drive / Bike / Public Transport)

How do you get around usually? Do you drive, bike or take public transport? Remember picking this each time you use Google Maps navigation? With Google Assistant, you might have just asked something like “navigate to KFC”. Assistant should ideally know your preferred commute mode and give you directions based on that. Google is preparing […] Read more

How to Create Custom Commands for Google Assistant

I have told you about custom jokes for your Google Home or Assistant. Today, let us take a look at how to create your own commands for the Assistant. The official solution for this is to use If This Then That (IFTTT). Google has an official Google Assistant channel on IFTTT. Custom Google Assistant Commands […] Read more

How to Check Software Version on Google Home and Mini

Recently Google re-enabled a Google Home Mini feature. Users can now long press the top part of Google Home Mini to launch the Google Assistant. This was feature was disabled due to a bug. Now, it is back as long press instead of a single tap. Now, the news article about this said that I […] Read more

Did You Know That You Can Use “OK Boo Boo” Instead of “OK Google”?

I was browsing around looking for more funny and random things to ask Google Assistant and Google Home. And then I found this. You can use “OK Boo Boo” as a wake command for your Google Home. At first, I thought it is a joke. I decided to give it a try anyway. I said […] Read more

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