How to Make Google Assistant Read WhatsApp Messages

You can now make Google Assistant read your WhatsApp messages out loud to you. This is a very useful feature especially if you use earphones or Airpods etc. This article will explain how to connect WhatsApp to your Google Assistant and make the Assistant read your messages to you.

Connect Assistant

The change that we are going to make is not specific to WhatsApp. After enabling this, the Assistant will be able to read out any type of messages for you. This includes Slack, Telegram and even text messages.

To get started, launch Google Assistant and say “Read my messages”. When you do this for the first time, you will see a message asking you to enable permissions. Click OK.

Click OK on this page.

This will open the “Notification access” screen. On this screen, enable notification access for the “Google” app. You will now see a confirmation screen. Click Allow.

Click Allow

Notifications access is now enabled for Google.

Notification permission enabled for the Google app.

Open Google Assistant again and say “Read my messages”. If you have an unread message in WhatsApp or any other app, the Assistant will now read this to you.

Reply to WhatsApp Messages from Assistant

When the Assistant finishes reading out a message, it will ask you if you want to reply. Say yes and you will be able to reply to the message.

The Assistant will confirm the response it has drafted and say “Okay, I got…”. It will then send the reply.

Reply Sent

That’s how you reply to a WhatsApp message using the Google Assistant. Questions? Drop me a comment.


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