How to Listen to Podcasts Using Google Assistant

Did you know that Google app is now a podcast player too? You can listen to podcasts without subscribing to anything specific. Simply say something like, play the latest episode of This American Life, and Google will start playing the podcast. The best part is, the playback is synced across devices. This means you can continue where you left off, from another device where you are logged in.

Let’s learn more about this cool feature!

Podcasts with Google Assistant

If you are on an Android phone, you can simply type the name of the podcast that you want to listen to, and you will see the play icon next to recent episodes listed there. Or, you can use the Google Assistant voice commands!

Simply say  “Hey Google, Play “This American Life” This is the UI that I can when I use this voice command:

This app, or app inside an app, has a settings page too. Tap the settings icon (three dots) to access the Settings menu. You can control how long Assistant should keep podcasts after downloading it (unfinished) or after listening to it. Like so:

Syncing Across Devices

This podcast app syncs playback across devices. You can start listening to a podcast on your phone, on the way to home and continue where you left off, from your Google Home.

Go ahead and give this a try today!


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