How to Listen to Audiobooks Using Google Home

Google has added audiobooks to Google Play Store. Unsurprisingly, Google’s audiobooks come with Google Assistant support. This means you can ask your Google Assistant to read audiobooks to you. This post explains how to do this and also explains all the additional voice commands that you can use to control audiobook playback.

Audiobooks Commands for Google Home

  • “Ok Google, read my book”: This will get you started with Google Play audio books on Google Home.
  • Ok Google Pause / Resume / Stop: These commands work similar to music playback.
  • Ok Google Skip Ahead <amount of time> / Go Back < amount of time>: Use this command to skip front or back while playing.
  • Ok Google, Play Next Chapter: Plays the next chapter
  • Ok Google, Play Previous Chapter: Plays the previous chapter.

Apart from these commands, you can use additional commands to find more about the book. For example:

  • How much time is left in this book?
  • Who is the author?

You can also use your volume commands to increase or decrease volume. “Okay Google, increase volume to 40%”.

Use with Chromecast

Google Play Audiobooks work with Chromecast. You will see a cast icon on the app, you can use it to cast. Or, with the help of Google Assistant, you can do this handsfree too. Simply say “Okay Google, read my book on my TV”.

Ready? Get started with your new book!


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