How to Identify Songs Using Google Assistant

Identifying songs was one of the most requested Google Assistant features. Recently, Google added this feature as a Pixel 2 phone exclusive. This feature is now available to all Google Assistant users.

The Pixel 2 version of this feature runs in the background. It displays the current song that is playing in the background, on the lock screen. This happens without the user asking the phone to do it for them.

On the Google Assistant edition of this feature, users ask Google Assistant to identify songs. It then listens to the music that is currently playing around it, and then identifies the song. You can ask “What’s this song” to make Assistant listen to the song and identify it.

When you ask the Assistant to identify the song, it starts listening to the song, and shows a nice little animation. After figuring out what song it is, the animation goes away and the results will be displayed.

After identifying a song, Assistant will give you the following options:

  • Lyrics, and a link to Google Play Music for complete lyrics.
  • Google Play Music link
  • YouTube link
  • Google search link for additional details.

Next time you are inĀ  a cafe or any other public space, use Google Assistant to identify the song and may be add it to your Google Play Music playlist. On the Pixel 2 phone, this feature works even when the phone is offline. However, for other device, this might need a working internet connection. It will be nice to have the offline feature though. Google should consider making a standalone app, powered by the Assistant, for this feature. This app can have an offline database similar to the Pixel 2 phone. It can also update the offline database easily through Play Store updates.

I love listening to music, but my tastes are limited. This feature might help me explore different music genres that I have never tried. If I ever listen to something new and interesting at random places, I can ask the Assistant to identify the song. I can then explore the music library and listen to more songs from the same artist.

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