Unofficial Google Assistant User Guide


  1. Michael Hugill
    · Reply

    My wife and I have a Pixel c each, a Pixel 2 each and we have just bought a home Hun, now we dare not say okay Google because of the mayhem that follows. Help. Only the hub needs to work at home.

  2. Holly
    · Reply

    I think we should be able to name our Google Assistant what we, the consumer any name as long as it is a name meaning, nothing ugly or derogatory. This way we make it even more of a personal experience with our assistant.

  3. Minceraft Gamer
    · Reply

    Man, I can just see myself someday in the future in my own little tiny house going, “Hey Idiot, what time is it?” and then hearing a response, “The time is 1:05 PM.” I can just see myself doing that.

  4. Tyler
    · Reply

    I wanna call mine Karen. Like how Peter Parker does with his suit. Thatd be sick.

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