Google Assistant Launcher Brings Google Assistant To Android 5.0+

We already discussed a non-root way to get Google Assistant on Android 5.0+ devices. Here is an easier way to do this, thanks to a Google Assistant launcher put together by XDA Senior Member Jovic77. As an added bonus, this launcher lets you launch Google Assistant when you long press your home button.

The previous method did not have any ability to launch Assistant using the home button. With this new launcher however, things are much easier. Here is the list of features according to the developer:

  • No root needed.
  • Activity launchers are never needed. Just install, and launch!
  • Launch Google Assistant, even on your own preferred launcher!
  • Uses the Assist intent, so you can also set GAL to launch when long-pressing the Home button!
  • No unnecessary permissions, so you are sure that no data is got from you.
  • Supports Android 5.0+

This launcher is not available on Google Play yet. Hence, I recommend reviewing it thoroughly before installing. Find more instructions and the download link here.


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