15 Games That You Can Play With Google Assistant

A boring day? Here is a (long) list of games that you can play, using Google Assistant. You can use voice commands or the keyboard to play these games. If you are in a hotel lobby or an airport lounge, I recommend using the keyboard!

To start playing any of these games, say or type the title of the section here as a command. For example, to play “I’m Feeling Lucky”, launch Assistant and say “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  To start Pangolin Love, say or type “Pangolin Love”.

1. Chat with your Assistant

Chatting with your Google Assistant can be fun. Ask random question. Ask funny questions. Or may be ask weird questions. Google Assistant will definitely keep you entertained. Give this a try!

2. I’m Feeling Lucky

This will start a game show hosted by the Assistant, (yes, she says so!). There is some intro music, so be prepared for that too!

3. Let me talk to Akinator

This is a game where you guess a character and the other person (the bot in this case) ask you questions to find out the character. It took the Akinator longer than I had expected, but it did show me the name that I had in my mind. This was really fun!

To start playing, say “let me talk to Akinator”

4. Emoji Movie

Emoji movie is a chat game where you are asked to guess the movie name by looking at the emojis that the Assistant sends you. It was fun, but I didn’t do well, as you can see in this screenshot.

To play this game, say “Emoji movie”

5. Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is where Google Assistant makes fun of you when you ask it a question about the future. I am not sure if I enjoyed this one, but give it a try!

Say “Crystal ball” to play this game.

6. Mad Libs

The assistant calls it “the worst word game”. You should really know your English to play this one! Don’t ask me what I was trying here!

To play this game, say Mad Libs.

7. Vocabulary Quiz

This is not a conversational game. When you say “Play Vocabulary quiz”, Google Assistant launches the game in another window. It was good fun playing this game though!

Say Vocabulary quiz to play the game.

8. Never Have I Ever

This is a weird conversational game. You say “Play never have I ever” and the Assistant replies with a sentence starting with “never have I ever”.

See what I mean?

9. Geography Quiz

This one is similar to the Vocabulary Quiz. Here, as the name suggests, you will answer questions from Geography. Say Play Geography quiz” to start playing!

10. Entertainment Quiz

Assistant asks entertainment questions, you answer them.

11. Math Quiz

Assistant asks math questions, and you answer them. (I usually stay away from math questions!)

12. Motivate Me

This is similar to “Never have I ever” You say “Motivate me” to the Assistant and it gives you a motivational quote. If you are a fan of motivational quotes, this could be an on-demand service to get your daily dose of inspiration.

13. Best Dad Jokes

Ask Google Assistant to tell you dad jokes. Say ‘talk to best dad jokes” to start playing. Saying just “dad jokes” or “one more” after the first joke did not work for me. Dad jokes and similar apps bring another bot to the conversation and that bot leaves as soon as the message is delivered. This could be why we are not able to have a continued conversation here.

14. Friendly Fortune Teller

You get to ask your friendly fortune teller questions about your future. Expect funny answers!

Say let me talk to friendly fortune teller to star the conversation.

15. Guess the Founder

Test your knowledge of founders, startups and more, play this funny game with the Assistant. Give it a try, say “play guess the founder”.

Find More Games

Google Assistant has many many more games that you can play. To see the entire list, go to Settings (just say show me settings) and scroll down to “Games & fun”. If you find something really interesting, let me know in the comments section.

PS: I have mentioned the only games that I tried. There are about 69 of them on that list at the moment. I will update this post as and when I try more. Stay subscribed.


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