How to End a Conversation with Google Home

My feed today was full of news about Google Home’s continued conversation. This is exciting news. However, after reading a couple of news stories about this feature, I started asking myself. How do I end a conversation when I am done?

The idea is for Google Home to continue listening to me so that it can keep the conversation going, without my “OK Google” prompts. That means it should continuously listen to what I say.

That’s not something that I want happening all the time. So, how do I stop a conversation? Looks like Google has provided a way to end these conversations, very easily.

Commands to End Continued Conversations

According to Google, you can stop talking or start talking to someone else and the Assistant will know that your conversation is over and the microphone will close. To end an ongoing Google Home conversation immediately, you can use one of these three commands:

  • Thank you
  • Thanks, Google
  • I’m done

These are the official commands provided by Google. However, I am hoping that there will be more ways to end these conversations. I will definitely add them here whenever I come across new commands.

Did you find a fun new voice command? Drop me a comment!


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