The Easiest Way To Access Google Assistant Settings

The way I used to open Google Assistant’s settings page is by launching the app and then tapping the briefcase-in-a-blue-circle icon and then tapping Settings from the menu. Recently, I figured out an easier way to open settings.

Just say: Show me settings to the Assistant.

This commands takes you directly into Google Assistant’s Settings page. The first time I tried this, I thought it will open phone’s settings app. Luckily, it opened Google Assistant’s own Settings page. Next, I tried Show me phone’s settings, but that did not work. May be there is a different command to launch phone’s settings.

So, the next time you want to access Google Assistant’s settings to tweak something, just say “Show me settings”.


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      1. Don’t know how to figure out what version I use, but I use it in German. Should that makes the difference?

  1. I just tried it in English also, and got my phone settings. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7, running Android 7.0 on Verizon – if that matters. Google app version is

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