How to Automatically Delete Your Google Assistant Activity

Google Assistant is slowly becoming one of the most frequently used apps on your phone. That makes it one of the apps where a lot of your activity history and data are stored. What if you want to remove your activity history from Google Assistant? Here is how.

Automatically Delete Google Assistant Recordings

Google now gives an option to automatically delete your Google Assistant activity and recordings.

To set this up, open and click “Choose to delete automatically

Delete Google Assistant activity automatically

You will get a pop up asking you to pick one of the following items:

  • Keep until I delete manually: Select this option to keep your Google Assistant activity forever.
  • Keep for 18 months: Keep it for 18 months and then delete it automatically.
  • Keep for 3 months: Keep it for three months and then delete it automatically.
Pick an option from this screen.

Click “Next“.

Note: You are deleting your “Google Account Activity” and not just Assistant activity. When you set this automatic option, your Google Account activity is deleted. Review this clearly before confirming. To delete only Assistant activity, visit, select a date range and select Assistant from the product dropdown.

You will need to review what you are renewing and then Confirm.

From Your Google Assistant Conversation

From the Google Assistant conversation window, you can scroll up and see your chat with the Assistant up to the last month. Here is how to delete them. Touch an hold the item that you want to delete. This will highlight the related items in that conversation. Touch Delete group.

Delete Google Assistant Activity From Your Account

  1. Go to your Google Account’s Assistant Activity page.
  2. Find the activity you want to delete.
  3. Touch More, and then Delete.
Select Assistant and delete.

From the same page, you can delete your entire Google Assistant activity too. To do that, under “Delete by date,” choose All time.

Delete “OK Google” Training Recordings

Remember you had to say “OK Google” a few times to set up Assistant on your first device? This is required to “teach” the assistant to identify your voice.

According to Google “You can see your data and delete it using the controls on this page. Deleting data will not remove your models from your devices.

Google now offers a way to delete these recordings as well! To do this:

  1. Open
  2. From the left pane, select “Other Google activity
  3. Look for “Voice Match enrollment
  4. Click “View voice data
  5. Review the recordings.
  6. Click the three dots settings menu from the top right corner.
  7. Choose “Delete All
  8. Review the confirmation popup and click “Delete” again.

Delete your Google Assistant history From Google Allo

If you use Google Assistant within Google Allo, the app also stores your conversation history. Here is how to delete that:

  1. Open Allo and then open the chat with Google Assistant.
  2. Touch the profile icon > Chat details > Delete activity.

Hope that takes care of deleting Google Assistant conversation history for you. If you have questions, drop me a comment!


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