‘Tell me about my day’ – Daily Briefing

“Tell me about my day” is the perfect voice command to start your day with Google Assistant. When you ask the Assistant or Google Home to tell you about your day, it will start with the day’s weather followed by your commute and more.

Tell me about my day – Daily Briefing

What you get as a response to the voice command ‘Tell me about my day” is called “Daily Briefing”. You can customize Daily Briefing to get weather, to-do items for the day, and even news and other media.

This feature is available on:

  • Google Home
  • Android phones with version 6.0 or later
  • Chromebooks
  • Android TVs.

Here are a few alternate commands that will work the same way:

  • Good morning, tell me about my day
  • Ok Google, How is my day

Tell me about my day tomorrow

Another useful tip is to use the command “tell me about my day tomorrow” to get your calendar entries from the next time.

For some reason, “tell me about tomorrow” does not seem to work the same way.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Let us know in the comments section and we shall update the article with additional information.

Okay, first up, if you have never used the “My Day” feature on Google Home and Google Assistant, you should start today. If you are a Google Home fan, this is a really good way to start your day.

What is Google Home My Day?

My Day is your daily briefing from Google Assistant. It gives you a summary of things that you care about. By default, My Day summaries include the following:

  • Weather
  • Work commute
  • Next meeting
  • Reminders
  • News

My Day is available on:

  • Google Home
  • Android phones with version 6.0 or later
  • Chromebooks
  • Android TVs.

Accessing My Day

Just like most of the Google Home features, you can simply say “Okay Google, tell me about my day” to listen to your My Day summary. If you prefer typing, you can type in the same command, or even just My Day to get your daily briefing. In chat mode, you will not get spoken audio items like news updates if you have selected any.

This is not a morning-only thing though. You can use the command to get a briefing at any time of the day.

Customizing Google Home My Day

To customize My Day briefing, go to Google Assistant settings > My Day. From this screen, you can do the following:

  • Include or exclude items. For example, you can remove weather report from your briefing, if you do not want that.
  • Quickly access the weather settings (Celsius or Fahrenheit) by clicking the Gear icons next to Weather.
  • Set your change you home and work address, for commute alerts. (Again, the gear icon next to Work commute).
  • Customize news sources: You can add or remove news sources to include in your summary.

Hopefully, Google will soon add more items and more ways to customize the daily summary. For now, give it a try using the existing features and let me know how it goes! Got questions on how to use this feature? Drop me a comment!


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