How to Create Google Home Routines

With Routines, you can make Chrome do multiple actions using a single command. You can say “Hey Google, Good Morning”  This article explains how to use Google Assistant Routines.

Add a Routine

To add a routine, open Google Assistant Settings.  You can open Google Assistant and tap the second icon on the top right corner:

The following screen is displayed:

Now, tap the settings icon (three dots) on the top right corner and choose Settings.

You should now see this screen:

Scroll down and tap Routines. You will see the following screen with some ready-made routines that you can use or customize.

To customize an existing routine, tap the name of the routine. To add a new routine, tap the plugin icon. The following screen is displayed:

Under “When” you have two options. You can either make Assistant perform these actions when you give a specific command or on a specified day and time. For example, let’s take the morning routine. You can either make Assistant perform a few actions when you say “Hey Google, good morning” or let Assistant do that for you every day, six in the morning.

Tap Add commands (required) and assign a command. You will need to existing routines a new routine even if you are going to set a time and day for it to run automatically.

Optionally, tap Set a time and day (optional) to automate this routine. Select time, choose which days it should repeat and also select a speaker in this menu.

You also have an option to get notified on your phone when it starts.

Now that we have decided when this should routine should be performed, let us add actions for the Assistant to perform. Under My Assistant should… tap Add action. On the next screen, provide a command. Continuing with our “Good morning” example, let us add “switch on the light” here.

There is an option to select one more action from “Popular actions”

The next (optional) step is to make Assistant play news, podcast or music, etc. Tap Add media under And then play existing routines.

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