Celebrate Thanksgiving With Google Assistant

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are some quick Turkey Day tips for Google Assistant and Google Home.

Google Assistant As Your Turkey Timer

Looking for some help timing that turkey in the oven? Google Assistant can help! Simply say, “Ok Google, set a turkey timer for 4 hours.” Google Assistant will start the timer for you. When it’s time, you will hear the timer from Assistant.

Enjoy your turkey!

Play Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a popular word game. If you are sitting down to relax after a great Thanksgiving meal, play this game and relax! Say Ok Google, play Thanksgiving Mad Libs to start playing.

Ok Google, Tell Me a Turkey Story

Need some fun turkey stories for Thanksgiving? Google Assistant can help. Say “Ok Google, tell me a turkey story” to get started.

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

Say “Ok Google, give me a fun fact about Thanksgiving” to learn something new about Thanksgiving today!

Do you have more Thanksgiving related Google Assistant tips to share? Drop me a comment!


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