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How to Make Google Assistant Read WhatsApp Messages

You can now make Google Assistant read your WhatsApp messages out loud to you. This is a very useful feature especially if you use earphones or Airpods etc. This article will explain how to connect WhatsApp to your Google Assistant and make the Assistant read your messages to you. Connect Assistant The change that we […] Read more

How to Delete Recurring Google Assistant Reminders

Google Assistant or Google Home reminders usually go away when you mark them “complete” However if you have a recurring reminder which repeats every day or every week etc, you will need to delete them. How to delete repeating Google Home Reminders To delete a repeating reminder: Open Google Assistant Settings.Go to the Services tab.Scroll […] Read more

How to Stop Alarm in Google Home (just say “Stop”!!)

You are in your bed and your Google Home or Home Hub (now Nest Hub) starts ringing your alarm. How do you make it stop? “Hey Google, stop the alarm”. Yes, that works. If you have a Hub, or the new Hub Max, you can walk up to it and tap “Stop” too. Google has […] Read more

How to fix Google Assistant’s ‘Voice Unlock is Paused’ Issue

If Google Voice Match has stopped working on your phone, here is a possible fix for you to try: Troubleshooting Steps First thing to check is if you get a blank screen when you open Settings > Security & location > Smart Lock. If you do, the screen lock method that you are using (PIN […] Read more

Fix Google Assistant Voice Match Issues

A single Google Home device can identify up to six people and respond to queries using information from their respective accounts. This feature is called “Voice Match”. This helps identify voices of multiple users from the same device. Here is a quick troubleshooting step to try if your Google Assistant Voice Match is not working. […] Read more

How to Use “OK Google” Hands-free on iPhone

Google is now using a Siri shortcut to make it easy for users to launch Assistant on iOS. This post explains how to set this up. Until now, you had to open the Google Assistant app or the shortcut from the lock screen to launch the Assistant. There was no true hands-free method to do […] Read more

How to Create an Assistant Routine from the Google Clock App

I’m a big fan of Google Assistant Routines. It helps you automate some of the cool Assistant features and run them when you want them to. We have a tutorial on how to set up Assistant Routines, in case you haven’t used this featured already. Last week Google added a super useful enhancement to this […] Read more

How to End a Conversation with Google Home

My feed today was full of news about Google Home’s continued conversation. This is exciting news. However, after reading a couple of news stories about this feature, I started asking myself. How do I end a conversation when I am done? The idea is for Google Home to continue listening to me so that it can […] Read more

How to Listen to Podcasts Using Google Assistant

Did you know that Google app is now a podcast player too? You can listen to podcasts without subscribing to anything specific. Simply say something like, play the latest episode of This American Life, and Google will start playing the podcast. The best part is, the playback is synced across devices. This means you can […] Read more

How to “Talk to Books” Using Google Assistant

Google Books has launched an AI-powered interactive tool where you can talk to books. This is different from searching for books and their content. This is all about conversation. Google says Talk to Books is different from traditional search. “Use this demo as a creativity tool to explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes […] Read more

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