How To Get Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the AI powered virtual assistant that can answer questions and get things done. The Assistant is currently available on Android phones and iOS devices. This article explains how to get Google Assistant on these devices.

You can get Google Assistant on:

  • Android phone
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Google Home
  • Android Wear watch
  • Google Allo messaging app

How to Get Google Assistant App

Google Assistant does not have a separate .apk to download. It comes as part of the Google App. You will get Google Assistant if your phone meets the following requirements:

  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • Google app 6.13 or higher
  • Google Play services
  • 1.5 GB of memory and 720p screen resolution
  • Phone’s language set to a language listed above

Android Phones

On supported Android phones, you can enable Google Assistant from the Google app.

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. At the top left of the Home screen, tap Menu (three horizontal lines) > Settings > Enable Google Assistant.

Enable Assistant on Android TV

Google recently launched the Assistant on TV.  If you have a supported device, upgrade your Android TV to start using the Assistant. Refer to this official Help Center article for more information.

iPhones and iPads

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, you will need to first download and install the Google Assistant app. You can download it from here. Currently this is available only in the US Store. You will need to change the Store to install the Assistant. After installing the Assistant app:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Google Assistant app.
  2. Say “Ok Google” or tap Speak (microphone icon).
  3. Ask a question or ask the Assistant to perform any task.

Android Wear Watches

If you have a supported Android Wear watch, you can get Google Assistant on it. Not all watches listen to “OK Google”command by default. We need to enable this feature to get started with the Assistant.

  1. From your watch’s home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Go to Personalization.
  4. Turn Ok Google detection on.

Get back to your home screen and start using Google Assistant by using saying “OK Google” to your watch.

One Plus 3 or One Plus 3T

One Plus uses a customized version of Android. Google Assistant is not (yet) enabled by default. Here is how to enable Assistant on One Plus phones:

  1. Go to Phone Settings > Buttons > Long press action
  2. Choose Google Assistant.
  3. Come back to the home screen.
  4. Long press the home button. Assistant should now launch.

If Assistant is not working after changing long press action, try this:

  1. Restart your phone and try again.
  2. From Settings > Apps > Google, uninstall updates.
  3. Update the Google App again
  4. Restart the phone and try again.

(Thank you Deepak for the help!)