Google Home Can Wake You Up to Your Favorite Music

Google Home can be your alarm clock. A smart alarm clock that will wake you up to your favorite music. This article explains how to set this up and customize it.

“Hey Google, Wake Me Up At 6 Am”

Google Home has an official app from Google called simply “Clock”. The alarm is one of the features of this app. You can set timers and ask what time is it etc, and it is the same app that gets you answers.

Let us explore the alarm feature in detail. Here are the options that you can try. Start with Hey Google:

  • Wake me up at 6 am
  • Set an alarm for weekdays at 6 am
  • Set an alarm named medicine for every weekday at 9 pm
  • Wake me up in 20 minutes

“Hey Google, Wake me up to classical music at 8 am”

There are a couple of ways to set up a music alarm:

  • “Set a music alarm at 9 am”
  • “Wake me up to classical music at  6 am”
  • “Set a radio alarm at 6 am”

These are the officially recommended combinations. However, you can play with a combination of these and get creative! Be sure to drop us a comment if you find out something cool and new!

I would love to set up something nice wherein Google Home will start playing Music as an alarm for me, through my Chromecast connected speakers.  It will be nice to have the entire house filled with music. It will be something to wake up to!

Do you have other items that you would like to have, related to this Assistant command? Let me know!

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash


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