LOFT Portable Battery Base for Google Home Makes It Truly Wireless

We recently shared a third party Google Assistant device with battery called TicHome Mini. With the battery, this device was truly wireless. Today, we bring you news of LOFT Portably Battery Base for Google Home, an accessary that can make your Google Home truly wireless.

Wireless Google Home

Google might tell you to buy multiple Google Home devices so that you can talk to it from anywhere in the house. This is nice, but expensive. An affordable alternative will be to build a wireless device, so that we can move it around.

While we wait for Google to do it with second generation or third generation of Google Home, there is a new accessory in town which can do just that. According to the company:

LOFT is a portable battery base for the Google Home that let’s you unplug and take Google anywhere you choose. The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8 unplugged hours of use. Simply detach the Google Home base and attach LOFT, and you’ve got cord-free mobility at home. 4 LED lights on the front of LOFT indicate the remaining battery life before needing another charge.

This battery base is available in three colors, Carbon, Snow and Copper. At $49.95 (and currently selling for $39.95), these are not very expensive. You order them from here.

I would however recommend that you wait till Google’s October 4th event. Wait till they announce the Google Home mini, compare its merits before making a decision! May be you can add one more wired Google Home Mini, instead of adding battery to your current device?


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