New York Times Offers Free Google Home With New Subscriptions [Update – Cancelled!]

I was expecting to see a lot of Google Home Mini offers from Google, similar to those generous Chromecast offers and freebies. The surprise however came from a third party. New York Times is now offering a free Google Home with new subscriptions.

You can get a “free” Google Home with a $17 per month All Access or $18 per month Home Delivery subscription. This is not Google Home Mini, but the big one that we are talking about.


Why did I put “free” in quotes? Read this from Engadget:

While a $10 per month Basic subscription is available, you’ll need to drop a little more cash to get the Google Home. With All Access, subscribers will also get the NYT Crossword, NYTimes Cooking, and a free subscription to give to someone else. Google Home retails at $130, so this option (which comes up to $204 for twelve months) is a pretty solid offer if you already want the NYT daily.


New York Times had to cancel this offer because a lot of smarties signed up, got a Google Home code, then canceled their subscription after paying only $17 for the first month of service.

That was quick!!!


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