Can’t send invitation – User account cannot share structures’ While Adding Users in Google Home

If you get the error “Can’t send invitation – User account cannot share structures’ there are two possible reasons. User has a G Suite Account Google Assistant is not supported on G Suite accounts yet. If you try to add a G Suite users to Google Home, you will get the “Cannot share structures” error. […]

New York Times Offers Free Google Home With New Subscriptions [Update – Cancelled!]

I was expecting to see a lot of Google Home Mini offers from Google, similar to those generous Chromecast offers and freebies. The surprise however came from a third party. New York Times is now offering a free Google Home with new subscriptions. You can get a “free” Google Home with a $17 per month […]

LOFT Portable Battery Base for Google Home Makes It Truly Wireless

We recently shared a third party Google Assistant device with battery called TicHome Mini. With the battery, this device was truly wireless. Today, we bring you news of LOFT Portably Battery Base for Google Home, an accessary that can make your Google Home truly wireless. Wireless Google Home Google might tell you to buy multiple […]

[Leak] Google Home Mini Coming Soon At $49

Google Home is an attractive device. It is however a new technology. People are still not sure if they really need it. Here is something that might change this. According to leaks, Google will launch an affordable Google Home Mini this October. There is a Google Hardware event planned for October 4th, 2017. The star […]

Google Home Will Reduce Chromecast Volume When You Use Assistant

If you have Google Cast devices and Google Home at your place, here is a piece of news that you will appreciate. Home will now reduce volume on those cast devices when you start using Google Assistant. This is to make it easy for the Assistant to listen to your instructions. However, this won’t work […]

Google Releases Two New Google Home Commercials

Don’t ask me anything about the timing of these two new TV ads for Google Home. A certain company released their smart speaker couple of days ago, but I am assuming that these videos have nothing to do with that. Google Home Can Make You Feel Like A Celebrity Don’t believe me? watch this: How Do […]