Google Assistant for Kids

Google Assistant is a fun piece of technology that you can use to play with kids. You can let the kid interact with Google Assistant. It can also help you play cute little games. This guide will help you set up Google Assistant for kids. Before we get started and explore these in detail, here is a video of kids having fun with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant for Kids

According to Google, you can do the following:

  • Play YouTube videos or songs from YouTube Music
  • Play songs from Google Play Music unless their family has a Google Play Music family subscription or the person who set up the Google Home has an individual subscription
  • Make purchases
  • Use non-Google apps unless they’re listed on the apps for families page

Is It Safe for Kids?

Google Assistant is connected to the internet and uses it for answers and content. So, I would recommend you to do your due diligence. Google is aware of these concerns we as parents might have. Google uses their Family Link service to make Assistant kids friendly.

With the Family Link app from Google, you can stay in the loop as your child explores on their Android* device. Family Link lets you create a Google Account for your child that’s like your account, while also helping you set certain digital ground rules that work for your family — like managing the apps your child can use, keeping an eye on screen time, and setting a bedtime on your child’s device.

You can find more about Family Link here. Using Family Link, you can set up a kids account. You can then connect this kids account to Google Home so that it identifies your kid’s voice.

Questions Kids Can Ask Google Assistant

Fun Stuff

  1. What’s my Justice League superhero
  2. Games Children Can Play With Google Assistant

Games You Can Play Using Assistant

  1. “Play Animal Trivia”: This game helps you learn while playing. The questions will be based on facts about gorillas noses, lions’ roars, and more.
  2. “Talk to Bobby Science”: A science quiz app.
  3. “Talk to CK Twelve” / “Speak to CK Twelve”  / “Speak with CK Twelve”: Learn from 1000 questions on Biology, Earth Science, Physics & Chemistry
  4. “Talk to Country capitals game” / “Play at Country capitals game” / “Play Country capitals game”: A game based on country capitals.
  5. “Talk to Ding Dong Coconut”: A game of sounds and words.
  6. “Talk to Everyday Heroes”: Talk to everyday heroes like astronaut or paleontologist and get to know about their job and get inspired.
  7. “Start Fizz Buzz Game” / “Talk to Fizz Buzz Game” / “Open Fizz Buzz Game”: A multiplayer math game.
  8. “Play Harry Potter Quiz” / “Talk to Harry Potter Quiz”: This one doesn’t require any description, does it?
  9. Jungle Adventure: Interactive jungle adventure, a story that changes each time you play, based on decisions you make.
  10. “Talk to Math Showdown” / “Open Math Showdown” / “Start Math Showdown” / “Ask Math Showdown to play a game”: Another math game. (I am not a big math fan, if you haven’t noticed yet).
  11. “Talk to Mickey Mouse Adventure” / “Play Mickey Mouse Adventure”: Talk to Mickey!
  12. “Talk to Middle School Physics Game”: Physics game (yea, maths, and physics!)
  13. “Talk to National Geographic Bee” / “Play National Geographic Bee”: Test your geography knowledge.
  14. “Talk to Planet Quiz” / “Speak to Planet Quiz”: Learn about the solar system.

Google Assistant for kids – Apps from Google:

Note: Most of these apps are available only in the United States. If you are using Google Assistant from a different region, you may not be able to use these apps. For example, I am in India and I do not have the bed time story feature available here. However, my Google Home mini can sing lullabies for my kid.

Custom Replies For Kids

I recently discovered that we can use Google Assistant’s Shortcuts feature to create custom jokes and funny responses. I have started using this extensively with my daughter. I add random questions and answers with her name.

One of the first things I did of course, was to troll my daughter! Later I created custom responses to teach her stuff. I also used Google Assistant Actions templates to create a custom app to to create a custom spelling app for her.

We will soon see more kid-friendly and kid-oriented features coming out on Google Assistant and Google Home. I have a five year old at home, so I will be closely watching these developments and also sharing news about new features here on this blog.

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