Download Google Assistant

Google Assistant is currently available for Android, iOS and Chrome OS. This page will help you download Google Assistant for all these platforms. Let us get started with the list of supported platforms for Assistant.

Supported Platforms

To download Google Assistant, you will need one of the following devices and operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone or iPad)
  • Chrome OS (Chromebooks or Chrome OS tablets)


If you have an Android phone that meets the requirements, you can download Google Assistant from the Play Store.

Google also provides a “Go” version for phones with less RAM (memory) and storage. You can download the “Go” version of Assistant from here.

iOS (iPhones and iPads)

For iOS users, Assistant is available from the App Store. You can download it here:

Chrome OS

For Chrome OS users, there is no separate download required. Assistant comes pre-installed as part of Chrome OS version 72 or later.

You can go to Chrome OS the Settings app and enable it Assistant if it isn’t enabled already.