[Ask the Assistant] “Tell Me a Story”

I read to my six-year-old almost every night. There are however some nights where I have some work to finish, or I am too tired to read a story (it is no easy task, btw!).

For such days/nights, I take help from the Assistant. I can (or my daughter can) ask the Assistant to “tell me a story” and it will read a story for us.

“Tell me a story” or “tell me a bedtime story”, both will do the trick.

This used to work only on Google Home devices and not with the Assistant on your phone. As of May 2019, this feature will work on your phone as well.

Here is a video from Google, showing off this feature.

Google Home also has a feature called “read along” that will play sound effects for some books while you read them. This feature, however, does not work on phones yet.

Ready for a bedtime story? Go ahead and ask the Assistant to read one for you!


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