Okay Google, Scare Me (Ask the Assistant)

Welcome back to the Ask The Assistant series. This is my collection of new and interesting things that you can ask Google Assistant your Google Home or your phone. This one is a Halloween special. Try asking Google Assistant this:

Okay Google, scare me!

You will notice that Google has some Halloween special easter eggs created for the Assistant. I tried this couple of times and got very funny responses.

In one, reply, Assistant said, “You want me to scare you? That’s not really what …” and then played a spooky sound and asked, “What was that”? There was one simply BOO Gotcha! response too. Why don’t you give this a try and tell me what you found?

Halloween Voice Commands for Assistant

Now, here is the complete list of voice commands that you can try out this halloween season:

  • Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?
  • Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch.
  • Ok Google, how do I get rid of monsters?
  • Ok Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list.
  • Ok Google, scare me.
  • Ok Google, let’s get spooky.

The last one sets flickering lights and plays spooky music if you have smart lights connected.


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