[Ask The Assistant] Increase Brightness to 100%

You can use Google Assistant to control screen brightness of your phone or your Chromebook (Pixelbook only for now). It is a simple voice command; as easy as saying “Hey Google, increase my screen brightness to 90%”

Increase My Screen Brightness

As always, start with the magic word, Hey Google, and say one of these options:

  • Increase my screen brightness
  • Decrease my screen brightness
  • Change my screen brightness to __%
  • Increase my screen brightness to __%
  • Decrease my screen to ___%

Here is a screenshot from my Pixelbook:

Increase / Decrease / Change are the keyword combinations that have worked for me so far. I tested this on my Pixel phone and Pixelbook. Go ahead and try this on your phone or tablet and let me know how it goes!

If you find other commands that work, drop me a comment and I’ll include them here.


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