[Ask The Assistant] Sync My Devices

Here is a voice command that you will be using more often in the near future: “Sync my devices”. This voice command will refresh the list of Assistant connected devices in your network. It is more like a reboot for your whole set up.

Hey Google, Sync My Devices!

If you are not one of those early, early adapters, you do not have many smart home devices yet. There are a lot of home devices that are yet to become smart too (can someone make a smart device to make my daughter eat her veggies please?). However, this will eventually change. Most of our devices will soon become smart. Plus, there could be new product categories that we do not have now, which also work with Google Assistant.

In a future like that, you will need to refresh these devices once in a while. Google Assistant already has such a command. You can say “sync my devices” to make Assistant scan the WiFi network for all the devices and make sure that everything is connected properly.

You can simply say “Sync my devices” to make Assistant sync all your devices at once, or, you can use this command with individual devices or type of devices. For example, you can say, “Sync all my lights”. You can also say “Sync my security cameras” or “Sync my switches”.

So, remember this command, and hopefully, you will soon have plenty of smart devices and lights at your home, and you will find this very useful.

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