[Ask The Assistant] Sing a Lullaby

I recently brought home a Google Home Mini. My five year old daughter is the biggest fan of this little device nowadays. Last night, she was in bed, trying to get some sleep. She had her favorite bunny with her, and I had tried three stories already, but sleep was still a distant dream. Then, just to try my luck, I said:

Okay Google, sing a lullaby!

It started singing a lullaby. I have seen my daughter asking it to sing happy birthday song, Old McDonald Had a Farm, and couple of other nursery rhymes. Assistant usually sings couple of lines, most of the time with its own twist. This time, this twist was a welcome one.

After singing the lullaby song, Assistant continued to play a soothing melody until I told it to stop. Well I had to ask it to sing it again because my daughter wasn’t actually sleeping, and asked me to make it sing again. It took two rounds of Assistant’s lullaby, but she slept quietly listening to it!

This is my favorite Google Assistant moment so far, and also the only time I thought I should consider upgrading from Mini, for better audio quality.

I would love to see Google adding a few more song options to this command so that I can play something different each night. Also, it didn’t work when I said “sing lullaby for 15 minutes”, trying to get a timer too on, in case I also sleep with the lullaby on.

Better yet, if someone can build an Assistant app for lullabies and other bed time songs, that’ll be great. If you know any of such Assistant apps, drop me a comment. If you have never tried lullaby by Google Home, go ahead and give this a try and let me know how it goes.

PS: Not all of Google Assistant’s twists are fun though. When we ask it to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep, it ends with “itchy as hell”. I have reported this to @madebygoogle.


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