[Ask The Assistant] Okay Google, Turn Off My TV

Here is one more trick that Google Assistant leaned this week. You can now ask your Google Home to turn off your Chromecast connected TV. This voice command builds on an existing Chromecast feature.

Chromecast uses USB power. Most of the users connect it to one of the USB ports on the TV. There are however advantages if you use the power adapter instead of the USB. This means, your Chromecast will get power even when the TV is turned off. With this, you can start casting even when your TV is turned off. If the power is connected and the TV is in standby mode that is.


Google Assistant uses this feature to let you turn on or turn off your TV. You can ask your Google Home to turn off or turn on the TV. Assistant will send a command to Chromecast which in turn switches the TV on. Here are the voice commands to use:

  • Turn on/the/my TV,” “Turn on/the/my <device name>,” “Power on/the/my TV,” “Power on/the/my <device name>” to turn on the TV.
  • “Turn off/the/my TV,” “Turn off/the/my <device name>,” “Power off/the/my TV,” “Power off/the/my <device name>” to turn off the TV.

This feature should also work with TVs and other devices with Google Cast built-in. Give it a try!

Via Android Police.


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