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[Ask the Assistant] “Tell Me a Story”

I read to my six-year-old almost every night. There are however some nights where I have some work to finish, or I am too tired to read a story (it is no easy task, btw!). For such days/nights, I take help from the Assistant. I can (or my daughter can) ask the Assistant to “tell […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] ‘Mute My Phone’ to ‘Enable Do Not Disturb’

Your Google Home can now enable Do Not Disturb mode on your phone. Google announced this feature recently and it is available across all the Google Home devices. There is only one condition. The Google Home that you are giving the command to, and the Android phone that you want silenced, both should be in […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] “Tell me something good”

A regional newspaper that I regularly follow had a section called “Good news”. When they started a new channel, this section became a daily news bulletin featuring positive news from around the world. Positive initiatives like this have always been around. Now, Google wants to make it easier for everyone to get their daily dose […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] “Remember Where I Parked” & “Where’s My Car”

Google Maps can remember where you parked your vehicle. It takes a couple of taps an touches. You will need to open Google Maps and save where you parked, manually. According to Google Maps Help Center, here is how you do it: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app. Tap the […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] Increase Brightness to 100%

You can use Google Assistant to control screen brightness of your phone or your Chromebook (Pixelbook only for now). It is a simple voice command; as easy as saying “Hey Google, increase my screen brightness to 90%” Increase My Screen Brightness As always, start with the magic word, Hey Google, and say one of these […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] Sync My Devices

Here is a voice command that you will be using more often in the near future: “Sync my devices”. This voice command will refresh the list of Assistant connected devices in your network. It is more like a reboot for your whole set up. Hey Google, Sync My Devices! If you are not one of […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] Sing a Lullaby

I recently brought home a Google Home Mini. My five year old daughter is the biggest fan of this little device nowadays. Last night, she was in bed, trying to get some sleep. She had her favorite bunny with her, and I had tried three stories already, but sleep was still a distant dream. Then, […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] “Talk to Dustin from Stranger Things”

Are you a Stranger Things fan with a Google Home at your err …. home? Here is something cool that you can do. This is an interactive game that you can play by talking to Dustin from Stranger Things. If you are not a Stranger Things fan, here is a quick intro for you. Dustin […] Read more

8 Game Of Thrones Questions To Ask Google Assistant!

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. (who isn’t, right?) So, I was free this evening and decided to chat with Google Assistant on my Pixel phone. I don’t have a Google Home yet, but I am sure you can ask these question to Home as well. I got started with Winter is coming. […] Read more

[Ask The Assistant] Okay Google, Scare Me!

Welcome back to the Ask The Assistant series. This is my collection of new and interesting things that you can ask Google Assistant your Google Home or your phone. This one is a Halloween special. Try asking Google Assistant this: Okay Google, scare me! You will notice that Google has some halloween special easter eggs […] Read more

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