How to change the default alarm and timer app for the Assistant

By default, Google Assistant uses Google's Clock app to set alarms and timers. You can, however, change this. Here is how to make the Assistant use a third party app for alarms. Change default clock app for Google Assistant To change the default clock app: Say "Okay Google, set timer".The Assistant will now open and [...]

How to make a WhatsApp voice or video calls with Google Assistant

You can make the Google Assistant make a WhatsApp voice call or video call. Use the voice command "make a WhatsApp call" to do this. Want more details? Read on. Photo by Anton on WhatsApp Voice Call To make a WhatsApp voice call using the Assistant, use the voice command: Hey Google, make a [...]

How to Make Google Assistant Read WhatsApp Messages

You can now make Google Assistant read your WhatsApp messages out loud to you. This is a very useful feature especially if you use earphones or Airpods etc. This article will explain how to connect WhatsApp to your Google Assistant and make the Assistant read your messages to you. Connect Assistant The change that we [...]

How to Delete Recurring Google Assistant Reminders

Google Assistant or Google Home reminders usually go away when you mark them “complete” However if you have a recurring reminder which repeats every day or every week etc, you will need to delete them. How to delete repeating Google Home Reminders To delete a repeating reminder: Open Google Assistant Settings.Go to the Services tab.Scroll [...]

[Ask The Assistant] ‘Mute My Phone’ to ‘Enable Do Not Disturb’

Your Google Home can now enable Do Not Disturb mode on your phone. Google announced this feature recently and it is available across all the Google Home devices. There is only one condition. The Google Home that you are giving the command to, and the Android phone that you want silenced, both should be in [...]

How to fix Google Assistant’s ‘Voice Unlock is Paused’ Issue

If Google Voice Match has stopped working on your phone, here is a possible fix for you to try: Troubleshooting Steps First thing to check is if you get a blank screen when you open Settings > Security & location > Smart Lock. If you do, the screen lock method that you are using (PIN [...]